Wednesday, March 9, 2011


It just sits there, bulky and cold. Usually, sandwiched between something else. It wonders about the possibilities. It wonders why it sits lonely and unused dreaming of the good things it could produce. If only someone would take an interest in its abilities. It wouldn't even mind if those abilities were pushed toward the outer limits. Just to try some things, even pedestrian things--blue box mac and cheese would make its day. What is IT?
Your stove. Your lonely stove. I have 3 stoves, one commercial gas, one household gas and one electric. I love them all. I not so secretly yearn for my friend Pam's Thermadore cooktop. It's a fine cooking machine. All of these cooking tools get used regurlarly.
You see, cooking is a wonderful way to express one's self, to fill one's belly with good food. Not just food that will make a terd, but food that satisfies hunger and all the fine senses we use every day. I love to sit down to eat food that I prepared. I get a sense of accomplishment, of immediate gratification. That's what cooking is all about. Gratification. You should try it. Your stove will be happy and you will be happy. Try it. I bet you'll smile more..